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Quota on words?

More and more often I’ve discovered that I lack things to talk about when socializing. I usually have enough things to talk about, but the last couple of weeks has provided bigger and bigger gaps in conversations. Not that I absolutely need to talk all the time, but it would be nice to have at least some conversations that are not based on trivial matters.

Could it be that people have different quotas on how many words they are allowed to use in a given timeframe? I mean, what if we are only “allowed” to say so-and-so many words during a lifetime, and I somehow have exceeded the calculated amount up until this point in my life? Could we be throttled word-bandwidth-wise?

Of course, this is all nonsense, but a scary thought none the less. One other option is that I just spend too much time with the same individuals. That can happen when one is surrounded by great people. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with them?