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Hectic days

The past week has been busy for me. Been working 18+ hours a day, and getting too little time to just sit down and do nothing (and sleep for that matter). It’s not that I mind working (in fact I love that part), but people have started complaining. And since the reason they complain is that I work too much, then I can’t really tell them to “contact me when I’m not working”. Can I?

Currently I’m starting a new company ( Stix AS – ) with my good friend Christoffer, and that requires some attention. We are both developers and have a very strong desire to create better applications than what’s out there today. Let’s realize it guy’s and gal’s; most of it is crap.

Applications today still resemble the legacy-apps of old, with bloated and clunky interfaces, workflows that are contrary to what would be best for the users, and many other things. We would like to (among other things) help remedy that.

There are a few gems though, and those deserve all the Kudoz they can get.

So yeah, lot’s of work need to be done, and the day does not have enough hours. However, if you are one of those people that I have neglected lately, just let me know, and nag me until I do something about it. Sometimes I too need a good kick in the b-hind.