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Bind-DLZ + MySQL + threads a no-go

I recently got a question about why Bind-DLZ start behaving oddly together with the MySQL-driver from time to time (or rather from installation to installation). The problem is this: Bind starts just fine, and returns data as it should. However, after a given amount of time it just dies (yup, like your grandma, bless her soul) giving no errors to syslog (which surely grandma would!).

According to this page Bind-DLZ has an issue with threads when using the MySQL. The solutions is disabling threads (–disable-threads) when building, and starting Bind-DLZ with “-n 1″ just to be sure.

Oh, and make sure you are starting the right bind-executable. I had an issue with that when I installed it on one of the FreeBSD-systems here. Bind-DLZ was compiled and installed, but still dlz did not work. It turned out that I was trying to run the non-dlz over and over and over again. It was one of those “bash-your-head-repeatedly-into-the-rack-and-pray-that-your-skull-bursts-before-the-rack-does”-moments.

So, be a good little sysadmin and disable threads, or just switch to using another driver.