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Kudos: Petter Haukeland

So for a while I’ve been meaning to write a little something about people or things I have taken a liking to or been satisfied with from a consumer perspective. Up today is Petter Haukeland a naprapat and personal trainer at SATS Nesttun.

I contacted Petter because I wanted to gain weight. It may seem silly to a lot of you, but I do fit the stereotypical geek when it comes to being a bit on the scrawny side. So my goal was to increase mass, but do that in such a way that I do not get any injuries in muscles or joints and also do it in a manner where we focus on keeping the workout healthy.

Petter has a high level of attention to detail when it comes to how exercises are performed and perceives and corrects where it is needed. His knowledge about dietary things have also been very valuable. He has helped me to find the things to eat that will benefit me and my health the most when working out.

So, if you need to loose weight, gain weight, get rid of injuries or just need some advice on health; do contact him. It is well worth the expense. Thumbs up Petter!