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You’ve now found the personal website of Christopher. The opinions voiced on these pages are my own and should be regarded as such.

As far as professional life goes I’ve done tech for a while, mostly focusing on developing backend systems. Languages I’ve been using (sorted by frequency, descending) include Perl, PHP, C++, Ruby, Java, Python and Lisp. As far as databases go it has been mostly PostgreSQL, but I do have a working knowledge of MySQL and MSSQL as well. Other things to throw into the product / buzzword bingo in no particular order are Puppet, Varnish, Pound, Linux / Debian, *NIX, Git, SVN, Apache, Mojolicious (❤), Bash, Solr, Memcached, etc etc.

I believe firmly in the idea that software patents (and oh so many other types of patents) should be abolished, and that their existence hinders innovation.

Currently working on consumer and business data in Norway, developing services around those datasets. Stix Utvikling AS is one of my companies and deliver consulting and application/UX-design services. It is a motley crew of four people equipped with both good intentions and strong opinions.

You can find me on Twitter as @christopherraa.